CHOOSE The Right Moving Company

I want to highlight a few areas that will help you hire the right company. I will cover 5 areas in the next 5 short blog posts.

  1. Read Online Reviews – One of the biggest things I’ve learned is this: people don’t (usually) lie about services. When you take the time to read some reviews online, you effectively screen your potential service provider before contact is even made. Google Plus and Facebook are two sources where you should be able to find online reviews of any company. If they are not registered with Google – they are at best behind the times – and at worst they not allowing people to review them online for the world to see. You will likely want to stay away from such companies.
  2. A Company With An Unrelenting Aim to Please – After almost 2 decades of serving people, I’ve learned beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is usually always a way to make them happy with your service. The cliche saying, “You can’t please everyone” is true, but I think it’s MUCH LESS TRUE than most people understand. I have found that even when I’ve dropped the ball with people, a humble and honest apology, coupled with an agreement to make the situation right, GOES A LONG WAY. In this way we’ve turned negatives into positives, and customers in clients, even along the path of making some mistakes.
  3. WATCH OUT FOR THE LOW-BALL QUOTE – There are many companies that may want to ‘lowball’ you by giving you an estimate for much less than the actual cost will be – and they will do it with a smile – in order to secure your business. This is why often times the cheapest estimate may not always be the cheapest and best choice for you in the long run. If a company charges less, most often they pay their employees less – and have lesser quality workers – which ultimately affects you. Choose a company based not only on cost, but on their reputation in the community – and referrals from other past customers. Or you could end up paying hundreds of dollars extra for your move – as well as having your items damaged – with little or no course of action to take – because such companies usually don’t have an online presence other than maybe Kijiji or Facebook. If they have a website – it’s typically not registered with Google. All of this rendered past customers who have gotten taken advantage of with the inability to speak out – or have any course of action they can take.