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Premier Moving Services will strive to make you feel valued and safe during your move - and have this page in place in case you need assurance you are going with the right company.

We want you to have the best experience possible during the process and on the day of your move. We have therefore provided a lengthy list of tips - and necessary insurances - you will want to check off when choosing your moving company. So we want to provide you with the 3 areas you need to concern yourself with most when moving:

In A Nutshell

Packing Boxes

1 - PREPARATION is the key

This includes a checklist that we will make available for you in a PDF so you can properly cover all of your bases. Click HERE to download your free checklist. This comprehensive checklist evaluates everything you will need to take care of 2-3 weeks prior to your move - all the way up to moving day.

2 - CHOOSE The Right Company

There are many companies that may want to ‘lowball’ you by giving you an estimate for much less than the actual cost will be - in order to secure your business. This is why often times the cheapest estimate may not always be the cheapest and best choice for you in the long run. If a company charges less, most often they pay their employees less - and have lesser quality workers - which ultimately affects you. Choose a company based not only on cost, but on their reputation in the community - and referrals from other past customers. Or you could end up paying hundreds of dollars extra for your move.


Check to make sure your company has General Liability Insurance AND Cargo Insurance - (And ask about how they pay their employees)

Make sure to get a copy (or at least see a copy) of your moving company’s general liability insurance and cargo insurance. This will give you peace of mind that your hard earned furniture and goods are protected in case of an accident or damage happens Men who move furniture are working men and use muscle and learned skills, but not magic - and sometimes accidents happen. We do our best but we want to make sure you know you’re covered in case something does happen. Our guarantee to you is that we will fix anything we break - or make it good out of our own pocket. If the cost is too much - we will go through our insurance and make it good.




Some companies are out to make a quick buck - but perhaps do not understand the legal implications they open themselves and their customers up to!

You may be surprised by the number of “fly by the seat of their pants” companies out there who pay their employees under the table - therefore skirting WSIB (Workplace Safety Insurance Board) contributions, I.E matches, Income Tax, Vacation Pay, Overtime Pay, Holiday Pay, etc.
This is not only a major rip off for the hard working employee - it is also theft on behalf of the employer. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY - it could put you, the customer, in a legal bind if something happened to one of the workers while on your property. If they are not covered by WSIB, legal action could be taken against the home owner. Therefore companies that operate their businesses with disregard for the law are not only stealing from the government, and their own employees, but they are putting you, the customer, in potential harm’s way, legally.

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