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How We Quote

In a Nutshell

The best way to get an accurate estimate of what your move will cost is to visit your place of residence for 5-20 minutes (depending on how much stuff you have), so you can show us exactly what you want moved. We will then fill out a quote sheet with the number of hours and crew men we think you’ll need. Simple, yes?


In A Nutshell

Packing Boxes

You Can Help a Lot Too! (if you want)

Even moving to a new home across town requires planning in advance. PREMIER MOVING wants to help you prepare as much as possible for your move, and provide you with all the details and arrangements necessary to make the move go smoothly. This will help lower your cost with us on moving day by you doing all the work you can (or want) to do. Whether you are moving a few paces down the street or you are moving to an entirely new neighbourhood, PREMIER MOVING will help you throughout the entire moving process.

We Like Heavy Things

Our movers are trained and able to do the heavy lifting. We use all the tools and tricks of the trade to lift dressers, cabinets, washers, dryers, safes, pianos, and anything else you really don’t want to be bothered with. We place blankets securely on all your items and pack them in the truck so nothing will get damaged. It can actually be fun watching us work, and you can sit back and enjoy moving day rather than hoping nothing gets bashed up in the U-haul.



Depending on…

The level of protection you want on your items will determine the amount of time necessary to blanket, elastic, shrink wrap, tie down, tie up, etc. your item. Obviously a $5,000 gold rimmed dresser will take more time and care to move than a $25 hand-me-down or free street pick up. BUT you are the boss. We will of course take care of everything accordingly. Point in case - we can get things done for your quickly - or take the longer route.

We Don’t Low Ball

Having worked in the industry and been around the block - we can promise you an honest estimate of costs. We won’t lowball to get your business. If we tell you a price - as long as you don’t order a bunch of new items after we quote - it WILL be in the ballpark of what we told you. HOPEFULLY less - because we want your business. And we want you to know you are dealing with a honest company who values your time and our relationship much more than a quick buck.

PS. There are companies in Sarnia who will lowball quote you with a smile - so watch out!

We only offer value!

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