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Typical Pricing

Rates For Labour–Only

*****1 Man = $50/hr*****
*****2 Men = $80/hr*****
*****3 Men = $110/hr*****

Typically you would require labour–only in moves such as:
Internal moves (apartment to apartment within the same building)
Load/unload rental trucks/containers
Anything you need moved within your house (bedroom to basement, etc)

In A Nutshell

Packing Boxes

Rates For Full-Service Moves

*****Truck & 2 movers = $100/hr*****
*****Truck & 3 movers = $130/hr*****
*****Truck & 4 movers = $160/hr*****

Booking Fee

A $75 booking fee is requested at the time of solidifying your moving date. This fee locks in your date with us and is non-refundable. (For long-distance moves a 20% deposit is required.)

Every Move is Different

Since every move is different and services require varying amounts of labour. Typically 2 men would suffice for any small moves (1-2 bedroom apartments, condos, or houses). Often a 3rd worker is valuable if there are many boxes or one man items to move - as well as larger items. This cuts down on hours billed and saves our customers money. If time is an issue, 4 workers can be provided for medium to large sized homes or apartments (for instance: 2 workers prep items while 2 load or unload OR 2 workers load elevator while 2 load and pack truck, etc.)

All this can be discussed when we give you a quote of what we feel would be most efficient for your specific situation. Then YOU can make an educated decision.



Travel Charges

Since it takes time to circle cheque our trucks, warm the engine, and get to the destination of the move - we need to charge for travel time.

LOCAL MOVES - add 1 hour (30 mins prep and to get to your place & 30 mins to get back to our lot and sweep out the truck)

LONG DISTANCE MOVES - A travel charge will apply for moves where one address is more than 50 KMs outside of Sarnia. This charge would be to cover travel related costs such as: food, lodging, and fuel, and would be fully disclosed and discussed prior to booking your move.

Payment Options

Payment is requested in the form of cash or bank draft on the day the move is completed. Personal cheques may be accepted at our discretion. Payment can also be made by credit card (with advance notice). Invoicing is available to government departments and corporate clients.

Subject to Negotiation

If your move is especially large or involving unusual circumstances (or maybe you’re a garage sale junkie like my nana and just love to barter and want a deal) - we can talk. We really want your business and will sometimes be willing to bend a bit more to get - it plus make a life-long friend. Talk to us when we come to do your quote!

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